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Social Media and how it relates to your Divorce / Child Custody Case

June 14, 2019

Your marriage is on the rocks.  Without much hope of reconciliation, you decide to hit the town with friends in an effort to keep your mind from wandering down the inevitable road your headed #DIVORCE. Hey, it happens to the best of us.  The national average is still at 50%. A couple of cocktails in…

New Website

April 4, 2018
New Legal Website

Welcome to our new website! Take a look around and get to know us, what we offer and what we can do for you. We are your Chicago Area Divorce and Family Law Specialist know for our honest, straightforward legal advice. Contact us today to learn more. Thanks for visiting.

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Client's Thoughts

"Mr. Jose Ortega will always have a place in our heart. He is patient, understanding, caring and honest. We felt protective and confident at his side and with his representation. He kept his word and explained completely our options. Our case was handled professionally and turned out exactly as he said with no surprises. His fees are very reasonable and provided us with affordable payment plan. We thank God for bringing him into our lives. God bless Jose Ortega."

— Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio M.

"I am completely satisfied with the legal work performed by Mr. Ortega in my divorce case. My friends have asked me about the attorney that represented me in my divorce case and I have told them that it was Mr. Ortega. I have referred them to him. I am really happy with the outcome in my case."

— Aurora N.

"I retained Mr. Ortega to secure custodial parenting rights of my teenage daughter. As my advocate, Mr. Ortega told me because I’m a male, it would be tough but we could be successful. Needless to say, Mr. Ortega won for me and I couldn’t be happier."

— Trent F.

Dissolution of Marriage

We represent clients in contested and uncontested cases regarding Dissolution of Marriage and Legal Separation.


We assist fathers and mothers in the determination of paternity of children; parental rights, including custody and visitation; financial support for the minor child and health insurance.

Injury Cases

We help and represent clients in their personal injury, car accident, wrongful death and worker's compensation claims.